Council Planning Permissions

We offer council planning permission services.  For A3 and A5 change of use.  These can be quite an intensive process for the beginner.  Lots of forms to fill in and plans to be submitted. They all have to be to the correct scale.  When all of this information is correct.  The application is successfully registered.

Here is a checklist for A3 and A5 Planning:-

Additionally you may also be required to submit the following details:-

Here is a useful link to local council current thinking on fast food takeaways

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We collected some links that you may find useful.  For further information, on council planning permission and the information you need to submit to them.  Take a look below.
Please remember that if you have any questions you are very welcome to talk to us.  Please use our contact form to discuss planning applications, building regulations, kitchen extraction or kitchen design.  We our experience and professional team we know we have the expertise to assist you in your next project.
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Noise Impact Analysis

BS4142 full noise assesment

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Kitchen Ventilation Noise and Odour Specification

Full fan and odour control details

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Local council planning permission

Simple and effective plans and details

Also here are some of the major local planning offices:-
Birmingham council planning department
Coventry council planning  applications
Solihull council planning office
Walsall council planning applications
Wolverhampton council planning department

Of course, please ring us if you need any help or assistance on 07585 369 135
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