Kitchen Heat Recovery

  • Save Energy

    Our revolutionary kitchen heat recovery system reclaims lost heat for use in space heating or fresh air pre-heating.

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  • Save Money

    43% savings on electricity costs and heating costs.  As energy prices increase commercial kitchen heat recovery is an absolute requirement for modern food businesses.

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  • More Profits

    Increase profitability at the bottom line, real savings of 43% on motor energy costs.  40-60% on heating energy.

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Commercial kitchen heat recovery

Commercial kitchen use massive amounts of energy.  Imagine if this energy could be captured and reused for heating the customer seating areas or preheating hot water, or even heating kitchen fresh air.  As required by DW/172. As energy prices rise higher and higher with no sign of them falling, energy costs and the pressures on businesses will only become harder to deal with.
energy prices

Predicted electricity prices

Commercial kitchen energy savings

As from April 2014 new sweeping changes regarding commercial kitchen energy efficiencies come into effect.  As energy costs increase it makes great sense to invest in energy saving equipment.  Kitchen fan motors are one of the biggest energy users in a kitchen.  Each motor typically consumes around £800-£1200 per year in electricity, if there is a fresh air fan then costs are even greater. The solution is to monitor and control extraction and fresh air fans more carefully and efficiently.  With our system you can expect to make savings of over 43%.
restaurant energy use

Kitchen Energy monitoring

We are also able to provide a complete restaurant energy monitoring system.  Using discrete energy measurement sensors that provide full details of the kitchen extraction pressure, humidity, temperature the system can balance the fan speed to ensure that the system only uses the power that is required.  When extraction requirements are lower the system goes into a standby mode and therefore energy requirement are far lower.  Efficiencies of over 80% are possible.
Kitchen extractor fan plan

Kitchen extractor fan plan

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