Kitchen Noise Survey

Noise impact assessment

Plant noise in relation to commercial kitchens, fast food takeaway and restaurant are of great concern to the local council.  Many times, they insist on a robust kitchen noise survey be carried out in order to know if the kitchen fan noise will be of concern to local properties.  With this information a specialist, such as ourselves can design relevant ways of preventing fan and ductwork kitchen noise from becoming a nuisance.

Acoustic assessment

acoustic assessments are based on a number of things, most importantly what the planning officer believes are the correct criteria for the development.  A number of measurement surveys can then be used to calculate what the predicted impact on the background level would be.  

Kitchen Noise Survey cost / price

For a standard kitchen noise survey of the kitchen equipment – £658.00
For an acoustic design solution for a full extract system with details supplied by an extract specialist = £840.00
For an all in one solution, with full spec of ductwork, fans, odour control, noise control, all ready for planning application = £980.00

BS4142 (Rating of industrial noise)

We only carry out BS4142 assessment, for the purposes of kitchen noise survey.  As we are mechanical kitchen design specialists we stick to what we know best.

What you get

Full sound  report detailing the problem areas and the solution to be put in place. Detailed results of the sound survey All backed by a current check certificate. Guidance on Noise surveys Required for Planning Application  

Simple noise control tips

Make sure the correct fan is being used.  A fan that is to big will result in more noise, simple really. Make sure the fan has no ductwork interruptions that are within 3D of the fan.  Doing so creates large amounts of turbulence. Bigger ductwork means slower in duct speed, which means less noise and more laminar airflow. But also results in reduced efflux at breakout.   Kitchen Noise surveyBS4142 Graph  
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